I grew up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and last year I moved to Canada with my wife and our 2 cats.
My experience over 10 years of user experience, user interface, and graphic designer makes me the ideal candidate for the position. I’ve worked for a wide range of companies throughout my life; from startups to big business, from financial institutions to online classes for teenagers, from digital agencies to cannabis industry and the list goes on.
I have a strong sense of visual composition, art direction, photography and illustration skills that I put into practice almost every day working as a freelancer, on my personal projects or just when I have some inspiration. I’m always looking for the users perspective to find the best answer and for me, people are more important than pixels.
In my free time, I run a Youtube channel since 2015 with over 100k subscribers and over 7 million views. I’m also a co-creator and co-host of one of the most downloaded podcasts about tv shows in Brazil. There’s no magic behind, just a lot of work to keep everything strong and running.
Now, living in a new environment, with a different culture and language, I’m challenging myself to improve both as an artist and as a person.
Feel free to evaluate my work by yourself and if you're looking for a designer for your project or company, message me. I'll look forward to speak to you.

- Ricardo