My name is Ricardo. I'm a Brazilian, born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, and I've been living in Vancouver, Canada since 2016.

After 8 successful years of working as a UX/UI Designer building digital experiences, I decided to move into video and became a videographer. That didn't come out of anywhere. Since 2015, I run a Youtube channel as a hobby that sparked my passion for filming and editing. My channel has reached over 125.000 subscribers and almost 17 million views.

I love film. Video is not the future, but the present of all of our online consumption and entertainment. My goal is to use my skills to help people and companies reach their audience, to translate their mission and values into moving pictures. 
My strongest assets are a good sense of visual composition, a holistic view of the projects I'm working on, content creation for the internet, fast-paced editing, and storytelling. I'm constantly studying, evolving, and challenging myself to not repeat what I've done before.

If you want to work together, please reach out at hello@ricardorente.ca or refer to my Linkedin Profile.

May the Force be with you.